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Funding innovative start-ups and SMEs

  • First InnoBank® is your First partner for funding innovative start-ups and SMEs. We provide funding services based on public & private grants but also bridge and venture loans from our dedicated funds.
    We encourage our clients to build strategies based on funding innovative start-ups and SMEs with non-dilutive funding: Before seeking private funding (equity), we deliver a one-stop-shop for top-class services to help your business increase its value and then optimize your next rounds of investments:– Providing the missing flexibility from VCs and investment funds
    – Bridging the gap between Seed and Serie B
    – Developing your non-dilutive funding solutions adapted to your needs when you have uncertain or insufficient consolidation and financial performance
    – Coordinating different funding sources with complex implementation, accelerating thus decision-making process requiring permanent anticipation for funding needs.

Expertise in funding innovative start-ups and SMEs

Our investment thesis

Investment thesis

1. Sustainable development contribution
2. Tech for Good generating a societal and/or environnemental impact

3. EU companies already funded in Seed and with proven commercial traction

4. Digital & ecological t ransformation, jobs creation in Europe.
5. High potential markets and at least European

Objectives : robust technology, proper IP and job creation in Europe

Special attention for activities related to new technologies (Blockchain, IA, IoT, Cybersecurity, Agri / Agrotech, Foodtech, Fintech, DeFi, Health-Tech, Cloud, Big Data, etc.) which contribute to the digital transformation / transition and ecological.

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