Public & private funding


We help our clients applying to numerous public and private funding at European level. Our expertise lies in our capacity to prepare, structure and present winning projects for your acceleration.

Public Grants (inc. European)

From Regions, Metropole Areas, Public Banks, Corporate, etc.) in non dilutive funding (grants, loans, ..) but also for bank financing (Loan/leasing or guarantees) as well as bank operating support.

Private & Public Loans

Search for public & private loans programs (from public /private banks, regions, corporate, etc..)

Refundable Advance

From public & private funding programs (Regions, Metropole Areas, Public Banks, Corporate, etc.) but also from banks

Non dilutive funding directly granted by our dedicated fund, a real relay for the cash flow of innovative companies in their development phase when the banking system does not know how to meet the needs or to support and strengthen the fundraising carried out by innovative companies from investors to limit dilution for shareholders.

Participatory loans

(Different from Crowlending). Equity loan and recognized as such, it is assimilated to the quasi-equity of the company and is not considered as indebtedness. It strengthens the permanent capital. The equity loan helps to preserve the financial autonomy and its debt capacity without any dilution in capital or repayment guarantees to be provided.

Convertible bonds

Sought from investment funds, banks, specialized financial organizations or family office investors or family holding companies to effectively complete a fundraising and achieve financial leverage without immediate capital dilution.


Sought from specialized organizations or banks to meet the requirements imposed by national or international public or private markets, such as, for example, bid bonds, deposit refunds, market performance bonds.


Sought from investment funds, Business Angels organizations, Family Office or Family Holdings. In the form of a capital increase reserved for one or more investors, the objective is to provide the company with stable medium and long-term financial means to finance its projects in the broad sense.

UE Funding

One goal: increasing your chance of success!

Our Experts (European Commission, Public National Banks, Regions, etc.) help your build a winning project based on many years of expertise.
We provide all the best practices for proposal writing and preparing your action plan all along processes: Project analysis, building partnership, writing your proposals, your pitch, preparing your application, coaching you for interviews, etc.