Bridge & Venture loans

Our dedicated funds for fast growing innovative companies


Non-dilutive funding

The financing does not dilute the founders’ ownership stake, keeping your motivation high while complementing the equity capital.


Directly granted by our Funds

Our dedicated funds have been structure to meet your needs, contact-us for more information

bridge loan

Bridge loan

Non dilutive, a real relay for the cash flow when the banking system does not know how to meet the needs. Short term (<12 months)


Venture loan

Medium term non dilutive funding (5 years av.) to support and strengthen the fundraising and limit the shareholders’ dilution. Can be in cofunding with EIB support.

Simple & fast to implement

Use our bridge and Venture loans to finance your growth while remaining focused on your development.

Our loans allow high traction companies to scale up, by financing their organic development projects (commercial, R&D, internationally) or opportunities such as acquisitions. They are useful with complex or fragmented shareholder structure because they avoid negotiations between shareholders. Bridge or Venture loans are to be preferred over equity because there cost are lower and makes it possible to seek better valuations during the next fundraising. In addition, they can be coupled with Venture loans from European Investment Bank.

Bridge or Venture loan?

Before embarking on any major funding scheme, contact-us for more information regarding your specific needs.

Bridge loan

Short-term loan used until a person or company secures permanent financing or removes an existing obligation. It allows the user to meet current obligations by providing immediate cash flow. Bridge loans are short term, up to one year.

Businesses turn to bridge loans when they are waiting for long-term financing and need money to cover expenses in the interim.

Bridge loans typically have a faster application, approval, and funding process than traditional loans. However, in exchange for the convenience, these loans tend to have relatively short terms.

Venture loan

Venture loan is a type of debt financing obtained by early-stage companies and startups. This type of debt financing is typically used as a complementary method to equity venture financing.

Venture loan can be a viable alternative to equity venture financing. Similar to other methods of debt financing, a primary benefit is preventing the further dilution of the equity stake of a company’s existing investors, including its employees.